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11 Crazy Easy Meals To Make With A Can of Spam

Are you too broke to afford meat?

Here is how to make canned Spam your new favorite pantry staple. This grandma knows how to cook on a budget, so listen up kids, you ain’t too broke to pay attention.

Are you looking for Spam recipe ideas? Here is a list of simple meals you can make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Spam is cheap, easy to make, lasts a long time in your pantry, and is delicious! It's great for a family on a budget looking for last minute dinners.

I’ll tell you what, going to the grocery store these days is a real kick in the nuts. Back in the good ol’ days, I remember getting a good juicy steak for $3. Serve that up with a 25 cent potato and a side of canned green beans, and you’ve got a meal fit for a queen. Now I can’t even buy a chicken breast for less than what it would cost to sell my kidneys. Although, they probably ain’t worth much with my drinking habits.

What is Spam?

Spam is bacon in a can, and I know that may sound weird if you’re a hippy, but it’s the same damn thing but with slightly different packaging, a lower price tag, and a longer shelf life. It’s just too bad their marketing team chose the same name as those folks sending you too many emails.

Cheap and easy meals made with canned Spam! Last minute lunches and dinners that are cheap to make with few ingredients.

How To Cut & Prepare Spam

A can of Spam can be used to easily add protein and flavor to just about any meal. You simply drink a few glasses of wine, plop the juicy meat out of the can, and then cut it up into 8-13 slices depending on how thin and crispy you want it to be. I recommend thinner slices to resemble bacon, and thicker slices to resemble cubed ham.

Grandma’s Pro Tip: You can also cut the spam into small bite-size pieces before cooking it for golden brown and crispier edges.

Do you have a hungry family on a budget? You've got to add canned Spam to your pantry staples! It's a great addition to all kinds of foods including soups, casseroles, rice, boxed foods, canned food, and more.

How To Cook Spam in a Pan on your Stove

Once you’ve got this enticing pork cut to your liking, sauté it in a pan over medium heat for 2-4 minutes on each side. No butter or oil needed! It’s already full of fat, kinda like Mr. Beer Belly over here– always telling me what to do. 

How to fry a can of Spam on your stove top! No oil or butter needed.

Now that you’ve got this yummy fried pork cooked to perfection, what do you do with it?

My Favorite: An SLT Sandwich!

Place that delicious meat in-between two slices of toasted bread with a little mayo, lettuce, and tomato. If you close your eyes while you eat, it will taste just like a BLT.

Ingredients for a Spam sandwich. It tastes like a yummy BLT! Who needs bacon when you have canned Spam!

Replace Bacon with Spam in a sandwich. Now close your eyes and enjoy.

Spam, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich | The best way to eat spam! Fry it up on your stove top and serve it with toasted bread, tomato, lettuce, and mayo. A cheap and easy lunch or dinner idea for your family!

What Else Can You Make With Spam?

So many delightful options! Spam can be mixed into a casserole, can of soup, boxed meal, frozen meal, ramen noodles, salad, fried rice, baked beans, scrambled eggs, a potato, or anything else you’d add bacon or ham to.

1. Ramen Noodles

Don’t get your panties in a piffle. I know you’re all judging me while you Myspace on your blueberry, but you all know you secretly love Ramen noodles. Fry up some Spam and mix it with your favorite flavor for the best hangover food you’ll ever eat.

Ramen Noodles & Spam | A quick and easy last minute lunch or dinner! Super cheap to make with just 2 ingredients that you probably already have at home in your pantry.

2. Morning Eggs

I told ya Spam was basically bacon, so you can figure out the rest. Replace anything you’d put bacon in with Spam: scrambled eggs, fried eggs, breakfast burrito, breakfast bowl, egg casserole, etc… Sprinkle in some Fiber One if you’re worried.

Spam & Eggs | Canned spam is a great replacement for bacon. Fry it up for breakfast and mix it with your scrambled eggs, fried eggs, breakfast burrito, hash browns and more.

3. Fried Rice

The next time you’re walking down the grocery aisles looking for an easy dinner to make, pick up a box of frozen fried rice and a can of Spam. These two pantry staples make for a delicious meal that will make your belly do a little dance.

Spam & Fried Rice! The best quick and easy dinner for busy weeknight meals. So easy to make with frozen fried rice and a can of spam. Great for a family on a budget. My kids love it.

4. Potatoes

Spuds are the cheapest and most delicious food you’ll ever eat. Combine fried Spam with a baked tater, roasted potatoes, hash browns, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, a potato salad, or any other potato you can think up.

Are you looking for cheap and yummy meals to make? If you're broke like me, you've got to try potatoes with Spam! Fry it up and it tastes like bacon. So delicious on nights when you don't feel like cooking.


5. Jambalaya

A box of Jambalaya mix is full of flavor; that’s all you’re missing is the meat! Spam is a great option that seems to have fallen through the cracks. Fry it up into bite-size pieces and mix it in with this spicy rice.

Ever wonder what to mix with a box of Jambalaya? Try a can of Spam! Fry it up in a pan and cut it into small bite size pieces. It's delicious in this flavorful boxed rice.

6. Macaroni & Cheese

The only thing missing in this classic comfort food is pan fried pork. Break out a can of Spam and your favorite box of Mac & Cheese for the laziest meal you’ll ever make.

Wondering what to mix with a box of macaroni and cheese to make it extra delicious? Try fried Spam!

7. Potato Soup

Add some meaty flavor to a can of potato soup and you’ve got the best savory comfort food. Want to take it up another notch? Serve with shredded cheddar cheese and fresh chives.

Mix fried Spam with a can of potato soup for the best comfort food! Spam is great for last minute dinners when you don't feel like grocery shopping and can't afford to order in.

8. Cauliflower Rice

Every once in a while you’ve got to eat some veggies to keep things flowing. Frozen cauliflower rice is superb to have stocked in the freezer for mixing with fried spam and anything else you’d like.

This quick and easy meal is so simple to make and absolutely delicious! Mix a frozen bag of cauliflower rice together with fried Spam for a healthy and low carb meal.

9. Baked Beans

Pork and beans make for the best BBQ side dish. Add some fried Spam to the mix to make it extra special.

Are you looking for food ideas to make with a can of Spam? There are so many things to mix it with such as baked beans, frozen meals, and other canned foods.

10. Frozen Meals

Just like bacon, any meal you can imagine could use a little Spam added to it for extra flavor including frozen pastas and cheesy rice.

Try mixing a can of Spam with your favorite frozen meals! Simply fry it up on your stove, dice it, and mix it into all kinds of pre-packaged foods to make them taste better.

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Canned spam is like the mysterious cousin of the canned meat family. Some people love it, others not so much, but either way, it’s always there, lurking in the back of the pantry. And, let’s be real, the name “Spam” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. But, despite its questionable reputation, canned spam has been a staple in households for generations. So, the next time you’re feeling daring, why not give it a try? Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Fun Facts
  1. The name “Spam” is a combination of the words “spiced ham.” Who knew??
  2. Spam was first introduced in 1937 and has been a staple in pantries ever since. It was popular during World War II because it was a convenient and non-perishable food that could be easily transported to soldiers.
  3. In Hawaii, Spam is considered a local delicacy and is served in various dishes, such as Spam musubi and Spam fried rice.
  4. Some people refer to Spam as “mystery meat” because of its unique flavor and texture.
  5. The average American will eat about 15 pounds of Spam in their lifetime. Mr. Beery Belly has had at least 1,500 pounds, personally driving the average way up.
  6. There is even a museum dedicated to Spam, located in Austin, Minnesota.

Are you looking for budget meals for your family? You've got to try spam! It tastes just like bacon and taste good in just about everything for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.Easy Meals To Make With Spam for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Spam is cheap, lasts a long time, and taste delicious. It's a great pantry staple for when you're too lazy to grocery shop. The best protein to add to last minute meals!Spam Recipes For Dinner | Are you looking for cheap and easy dinner ideas for your picky family? Try spam! It tastes like bacon, but is way cheap and lasts a lot longer.Spam is a great addition to just about any meal. The best protein in a can! Add it to casseroles, sandwiches, potatoes, eggs, soups, salads, and more. Here is a list of my favorite spam recipes that are a breeze to throw together for last minute meals.